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USB Block 1.6.2

USB Block 1.6.2: Block unauthorized USB devices, prevent copying and leakage of your data. block others. USB Block is unique because it blocks all drives, devices, ports and slots from which data can be leaked. The program blocks devices even in Safe Mode, making it impossible for hackers to copy data from your computer. Furthermore, the Program Files folder of USB Block and all the files contained in it are delete proof i.e., no one can delete and uninstall the program without your permission (password). Furthermore, you can also activate

Classic Mines 1.2.0: Play the classic mine sweeper game.
Classic Mines 1.2.0

blocks. There may be mines in some of the blocks. The purpose of this game is to open all the blocks without opening a mine. When you open a block, a number will be shown telling you how many mines are adjacent to the block, and you can use this information to figure out which block has a mine and which block doesn`t. Right click (or press the spacebar) to put a flag on a block when you think that a block has a mine. The faster you finish, the higher

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BlockUs 1.00: SMS/MMS/E-Mail Message Block Utility for Windows-based Mobile Devices
BlockUs 1.00

SMS/MMS/E-Mail Message Block Utility. BlockUs automatically blocks every attempt to send messages from your device. Blocked messages are placed in a special folder. You decide which messages are un-blocked by creating customized un-block rules based on supplied recipient addresses. This little utility also allows you to peruse all sent messages on your device, by taking into account their blocking status.

outgoing, messages, prevent, stop, sentinel, e mail, monitor, rules, automatic, surpress, block

AdsGone Popup Killer ad Blocker 5.0.6: Blocks popups, banners, flash ads, messenger service ads, and detects spyware
AdsGone Popup Killer ad Blocker 5.0.6

Finally, a Solution to the Web`s Most Hazardous and Disruptive Problems: Blocks popups, banners, flash ads, messenger service ads, and detects spyware that serves ads. Blocks ads in Kazaa, Morpheus, Gator, ICQ, MSN, AIM, or Trillian. Thousands of people all over the world are already experiencing the power of AdsGone Popup Killer and banner ad stopper software.

connection, window, panicware, fast connection, kazaa, window washer, morpheus, speed, blocker, popup, privacy, banner, popup stopper

Block-IT! 1.1: Block-IT! is the Ray Dream Studio© to 3DML converter.
Block-IT! 1.1

It converts 3D models saved in Ray Dream Studio© format into BLOCK format custom blocks for building immersive 3D website environments in 3DML. The full version of Block-IT! features UV mapping for effective texture detail and block optimisation for file size economy. It also includes a help file which shows the basics of block creation via Metasequoia©, exporting as RDS, and converting to BLOCK using Block-IT!

mapping, 3dml, model, rover, metasequoia, texture, environments, building, block, flatland, converter, conversion

IMDetect AIM Sniffer, AIM Monitor 3.0: AIM Monitor to capture AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) chat or conversations!
IMDetect AIM Sniffer, AIM Monitor 3.0

AIM Sniffer, AIM Monitor is a handy network utility to capture and log AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) chat from computers within the same LAN. It supports not only messaging through AIM server but also direct connection messaging. All intercepted messages are well organized by AIM user with buddies and shown instantly on the main window. It provides rich-features report system to export captured AIM conversations as HTML files for later analyzing and

aol sniffer, aim sniffer, aim chat monitor, aim monitor

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SpyArsenal AIM Logger 2.10

AIM Logger does not generate any suspicious network activity, so it cannot be detected and blocked by personal firewalls and intrusion detection software. The file containing logs of all messages can later be viewed locally, sent via e-mail to any specified address, printed or saved to a disk. AIM Logger boasts clear and intuitive interface providing easy access to all features of the software. The program is also very easy to install. AIM Logger

logging, network, sniffer, chat, sniff, logger

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